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X07 Kiddos

X07 Kiddos is a movement of convincing non-crypto people into the metaverse.

What are we about?

From the NFT collection to metaverse avatars to real-world items and cartoons available to children worldwide. We want to introduce the metaverse to the world and show its advantages. We plan to allocate NFTs avatars into cartoons, comics and manufacture real-life items such as toys or edibles.

Imagine watching your favorite NFT character in our cartoon, imagine millions of children watching your NFT character, wanting a shirt or a toy, playing a game, or even eating candy featuring X07 Kiddos character. X07 Kiddos has a purpose beyond solely being a crypto-related project which is to introduce to the world other NFT projects, other avatars, and the whole metaverse as well.

X07 Kiddos will become a world-recognized company. Our goal is to reach millions of children all around the world. We want kids to learn and be entertained. We will put the main focus on creating entertaining cartoons and games. If your kids are spending time watching inappropriate cartoons, it’s time to show them X07 Kiddos and teach them about the internet or how robots are built.

To become a successful company targeting children, we will manufacture a variety of toys such as comics, figures, dolls, games, and anything you can think of. Every kid likes candy! Didn’t you when you were younger? We will start manufacturing many different sweets and drinks while collaborating with the biggest companies around the world.

Gaming? Just watch.


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  • Team Creation
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  • Social Media Presence
  • Establishing 5 Year Plan
  • Whitepaper Release
  • Simple Website
  • Cartoon Trailer
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  • $PXS Token Smart Contract
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  • Joining The Metaverse

  • Cont. Cartoon Creation
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  • Foundation for Children
  • 10-year Plan
  • Roadmap Update


Minting date: February 23rd 6:00 PM UTC.

Kiddos are not only nice-looking characters, but they take a very important part in the entire project.

Every NFT contains a character that can be used in a cartoon, the owner of the character rented to cartoon will profit from every cartoon in which the character appeared as an actor. You are the owner of the NFT and the avatar so it is you who decide if you want to display the character in a cartoon or not.

Our characters are avatars, real avatars. You will be able to use them in the 3d metaverse.

By obtaining the NFT you accept our ToS to display the NFT on the Ethereum blockchain and secondary markets and you will be getting paid for it. NFTs are the seed fund for us, and you are the investor.

We put NFT owners in two groups, Founders and Hodlers. The Founder is the person who mints the NFT, and Hodler is the one who currently owns it. Both will be rewarded. Founders are the very early investors, who will get rewarded in $PXS during 60 months period. Hodlers will receive $PXS airdrops based on the company’s revenue and their virtual shares calculated every month.

Smart contract: 0xbeeeea213f074c0d2422c0727a56a6ae3f94d730


It’s the year 2107 in an undiscovered area of space where Planet X is located. While Kiddos were chilling in the HQ, humanity has called upon us to help with all of their struggles in life. Whether it is the cooling molten core of Earth, the expanding Sun, asteroids bombarding the planet, humans destroying their natural habitats, or any other issues, we are here to aid you in saving Planet Earth. We are ready to travel all over the world looking for danger, meet and talk to many different creatures, and solve their everyday problems. If it turns out it is too late to save the world, who knows, maybe it is time to leave Planet Earth, ask Elon Jr. to build rockets and settle lives in Planet X.

Our cartoons will mainly entertain, but also teach about the current and future issues of our world. We will focus on collaborations with many NFT projects whether it’s a monkey, a lion, a warrior, a cat, or a robot. Our Kiddos will meet other NFTs in the cartoon displayed on the television.

We plan to start with so-called “shorts” and will play the cartoons online to start introducing our idea and project to the world. These shorts will be short-length movies from 5 to 10 minutes long. The goal is to play our cartoons on the television to reach millions of children with long-length episodes up to 30 minutes or even make full-length high-end cinema productions.

Our cartoons will create interest amongst children and this is how we will build our brand. Before our cartoons become popular we will be ready with various contracts, all sorts of toys and edibles, and become a multi-million dollar company that you will be part of. Together we will succeed.


Planet X Shards($PXS) are ERC-20 tokens used in the X07 Kiddos universe. X07 Founders and NFT Hodlers will be able to earn $PXS rewards.

$PXS will be deeply tied into the project’s ecosystem. $PXS will eventually become deflationary and its hodlers will be incentivized to hold, causing natural price growth.

The company will exchange FIAT to $PXS for every end-user interaction whether it is buying a toy in an online store, buying edibles in a physical store, cartoons or merch revenue, or royalties from trading NFTs. 50% of the company’s assets will be used to buy $PXS from secondary markets, create a liquidity pool, and make natural token growth.

$PXS will be the primary form of the X07 Kiddos project currency. Users will need $PXS to pay for anything that the company will sell within its online store. Anything bought outside of X07 Kiddos official store will be exchanged for $PXS by the company as mentioned above. Additionally, the “Kiddos Treasury” will eventually buy and burn $PXS, making it naturally deflationary as the ecosystem grows.

$PXS will present holders with staking rewards. As holders stack their $PXS they will decrease the circulating supply and will be rewarded with an additional $PXS. In the future, we may upgrade our staking system to give you voting rights and say over the use of the “Kiddos Treasury” and the future of cartoons collaborations with other NFT projects.

Total Max Supply: 500,000,000

$PXS will be unlocked in a pre-determined schedule which will last for 60 months from the public sale. $PXS private sale will be provided with a 20% discount. The private sale tokens will be unlocked during the $PXS public sale.


The company will create a community treasury called “Kiddos Treasury”. It will strengthen the ecosystem through buying and burning $PXS tokens in the secondary markets for stability purposes, giveaways, events, and more.


Experienced, crypto passionate, and artistic souls.


Project Manager

34 y.o. experienced entrepreneur for 13 years. Successfully ran 6 companies at the same time. Untamed and brilliant mind.


Project Manager

44 y.o. sole entrepreneur for over 20 years. Intelligence above average. Smart movements. Observer.


Lead Marketer

22 y.o. marketer. Envisioned growth and development. A community minded and a team player.


Lead draftsman

34 y.o. artist. Quality specialist for 7 years. Drummer and bassist of 2 rock bands.


Lead Illustrator

22 y.o. college student. Loves to create. A total package.


Lead Art Concept

21 y.o. artist. Art concept and illustrator. Specializes in illustration and creative endeavors. Student leader and a team player.


Dubbing director

28 y.o. voice actress. A ball of happiness with a big dorky side. Loves gaming, anime, roleplaying and singing.